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Bourbon County Livestock Improvement Association Elite Heifer Sale

Providing a consistent, reliable source of beef herd replacement females

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Since 1991



 25th Annual 



Elite Heifer Sale

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Sale to begin at 6 PM

Inspection 1-5 PM




Thank you for your interest in the 25th Elite Bred Heifer Sale. 

This program is a source of great pride in Bourbon County, and one in which we have invested much time and hard work. 

 In 2015, approximately 400 heifers (200 AI bred) will be consigned. 


In 2014, 356 bred heifers were sold for an average of $2621


The sale committee and consignors wish to thank all those who have contributed to the success of this program.

Auctioneer: Mark Mattox

Sale Agent: Paris Stockyard




Paris Stockyard

1120 Millersburg Rd. Paris KY

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To View Sale Photos Click SALE PHOTOS on directory (Top Left of page) and Select a Consignors Name.

Thank you!  

Sale Procedure: 
Heifers are sold in uniform lots sorted according to breed type, size and calving dates. Heifers become the property of the purchaser immediately after sale. Each animal will be at the purchaser's risk as soon as they are sold. The sale agent will aid in the loading of the cattle on instruction from the buyer, but at the buyers risk. No cattle will be loaded until the conclusion of the sale. 
All fees will be collected by Paris Stockyards.